On this page are links to sites of interest to us. Painting, spray painting, airbrushing, tan application and things associated with home Do It Yourself.


Home painting

  • Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation
    Painting 'How to's' - Media articles, press releases, and fact sheets.
  • DIY
    Aussie site. Whatever your project, big or small, DIYINFO hopes to be your ultimate Australian resource to find out How To Do It and Where To Get Help.
  • Six step guide to painting your home
    Download a free pdf booklet by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage.
  • Hints on house painting Australian site with basic information and tips on house painting.
  • Natural Paint Manufacturers Lists manufactures of natural ecologically safe paints. Look for the Australian links about half way down the page.
  • Make your own paint
    Alternative Technology Association. Aussie site tells how to make paint using ingredients from the milk bar and hardware store.

Spray Tanning

  • Sunless Suntanning
    Sunless suntanning has a complete self suntanning kit including exfoliator, moisturizer, tanning solution and tanning airbrush. Look after your skin with healthy beach glow from comfort of your own home.


Other interesting sites

    British site with a lot of information on doing your own paving.
    Nothing to do with painting but a very informative site if you have a welding project or would like to learn about welding. Look for the tutorials on this site.
  • Hip Hop Culture - Mixtapes, Monster Paint, Spray Paints & Graffiti Supplies
    004Connec have large collection of Mixtapes, spray paint, monster spray paint, On the run markers & huge variety of graffiti supplies. 004 is dedicated to filling a gap that exists in the hip hop culture.
    Justcordlessdrills. Com is your one-stop online source for quality brand name cordless drills and accessories. We offer a wide selection of cordless drills to meet every industrial, construction, or home application.
    Revitupchainsaws. Com is your one-stop online source for quality brand name chainsaws and accessories. We offer a wide selection of chainsaws for commercial and home use.
  • Tattoo Gallery Of Tattoo Designs
    Tattoo design gallery reviews and tattoo product information. Articles, information and resources about tattoos and body art.

Learn to paint pictures

An Australian portal covering all aspects of Life & lifestyles in Australia, including the best of online Shopping

Home renovating

  • Aircoat Australia
    Melbourne based professional painting and resurfacing service. Save up to 70% of the cost of replacing/renovating your old kitchen or bathroom.
  • Gardens At The Home And Garden Center
    Our mission is to provide the most accurate and up to date information available regarding cars and automobiles, home decorating, home remodeling, home appliances, home electronics, home finances, home maintenance, and lawn and garden.

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