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equipment and supplies online store.

At Melspray Equipment we sell a broad range of airbrush and compressor equipment and supplies including Artlogic, Sparmax, Paasche and Badger at very competitive prices.

Whether a beginner, a hobbyist or serious professional, we have in our range of airbrush and compressor tools, the right equipment for your needs.

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We ship Australia wide only. We do not sell outside Australia.

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Recent articles:

Avoiding Water Condensation in the Compressor

Paint and water don't mix well. If the paint is water-based, it gets diluted, if it's not the colors won't register and stick. Water getting into the airbrush has long been a problem of airbrush users. Theories and their corresponding solutions have been advanced, some junked, others used with reservation. The problem has been the subject of numerous blogs on airbrushing websites and forums. Gadgets and devices have been invented to minimize or solve the problem altogether and have met with mixed reception from users.

The problem appears to come from condensation in the compression chamber of the compressor, if it has one. Condensation occurs when air or gas is compressed in a sealed chamber, in this case the compressor's chamber or air tank and there is a change in temperature. The particles of water are ejected together with the compressed air into the airbrush, where it mixes with the paint and affects the flow of paint as well as the color results. Most compressors with compression chambers are equipped with air valves to purge the water in the tank. However, this sometimes does not do the job thoroughly although purging the air tank frequently helps. [read more]

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All pricing on this site is in Australian dollars and includes GST.
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