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Airbrush and Compressor
equipment and supplies online store.

At Melspray Equipment we sell a broad range of airbrush and compressor equipment and supplies including Artlogic, Sparmax, Paasche and Badger at very competitive prices.

Whether a beginner, a hobbyist or serious professional, we have in our range of airbrush and compressor tools, the right equipment for your needs.

Pricing on this website is in Australian dollars and includes GST.
Best price offer! If you find a lower price online please email us from our Contact page with the details and we will try and better it. This applies to airbrushes and compressors in our catalogue, not accessories.

We ship Australia wide only. We do not sell outside Australia.

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Recent articles:

For people who love their cars (and who doesn't?), nicks and scratches are looked at as a personal affront. Unfortunately, scratches and nicks are inevitable, especially those referred to as “rock nicks” which come from rock chips ricocheting from the road to the bottom parts of today's low-slung cars. Small scratches and nicks, if not attended to at once become bigger as the paint around a scratch starts to chip and peel off. Oxidation sets in and causes more serious damage to the paint job and the car's body.[read more]

Paint jobs in auto shops to repair nicks and scratches can be criminally expensive. In many cases, the shop will insist on repainting the entire panel instead of just the tiny nicks and scratches. This makes a DIY job a very attractive alternative for car owners.

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All pricing on this site is in Australian dollars and includes GST.
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