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equipment and supplies online store.

At Melspray Equipment we sell a broad range of airbrush and compressor equipment and supplies including Artlogic, Sparmax, Paasche and Badger at very competitive prices.

Whether a beginner, a hobbyist or serious professional, we have in our range of airbrush and compressor tools, the right equipment for your needs.

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We ship Australia wide only. We do not sell outside Australia.

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Recent articles:

Decorating Cakes Using the Airbrush

Perhaps the first encounter of many housewives with the airbrush is using it to decorate cakes. When temperature-controlled ovens were introduced in the 1840's together with baking soda and baking powder, decorating cakes started becoming popular. Traditional cake decorating is manual using piping bags and decorating tips. Fondant, which is an icing like substance and comes in a variety of colors also gave the baker a lot of room for creativity in molding shapes to add to the cake as decorations. The advantage of these methods is that the decoration is an edible part of the cake itself. The limitation on the other hand is in the ability to provide color detail.

And then, along came the airbrush which gave the baker an excellent way of decorating the cake in great detail and with a wider range of color shades. The airbrush allows the baker to spray paint designs on the cake. The most important thing to remember when decorating cakes or cookies with an airbrush is to use only edible, food grade paint. [read more]

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All pricing on this site is in Australian dollars and includes GST.
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