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equipment and supplies online store.

At Melspray Equipment we sell a broad range of airbrush and compressor equipment and supplies including Artlogic, Sparmax, Paasche and Badger at very competitive prices.

Whether a beginner, a hobbyist or serious professional, we have in our range of airbrush and compressor tools, the right equipment for your needs.

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Recent articles:

One of the most sophisticated uses of the airbrush is in the field of dentistry. The airbrush in dental work is used mostly to do three things: clean, repair and decorate teeth. The key to airbrush use in dentistry centers on the compressor. A 1 hp 2.61 cfm at 120 psi compressor is commonly used. It may sometimes be included in the dentist's main console with the airbrush already attached, or it may be installed as a separate piece of equipment. It is also used for other precision instruments that the dentist uses. If a separate airbrush is used, a Bottom Feed single action internal mix airbrush is preferred.

Using the airbrush to clean the teeth is a simple process that makes use of the air pressure to spray water on the teeth and gums, especially for the parts that are hard to reach. An astringent or mouthwash may sometimes be added to the water being sprayed through the brush.

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All pricing on this site is in Australian dollars and includes GST.
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