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Use & Application Introduction

On these pages is information about the use and application of most of the different types of paint spray tools and equipment that are available today along with relevant tips, tricks selection charts, etc.

There is quite a lot of information here already but these pages are by no means complete and are being added to all the time. Use the menu on the left to view the different topics.


Airless paint sprayers.
'Airless' means that no air from a compressor is used to create the spray pattern or paint stream that is emitted from the nozzle of a spray gun. Instead purpose designed high pressure pumps are used to force the paint out of a very small spray tip.

Air Spray Guns.
As the name suggests, these paint sprayers use air from a compressor to atomize the paint and create the spray pattern.

HVLP spray guns and sprayers.
HVLP stands for 'High Volume Low Pressure'. This type of paint spray equipment uses a high volume of air delivered at a low pressure to purpose designed guns to create the spray pattern.